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Handcrafted, eco-friendly, and always inspired. That’s Varaluz

Varaluz handcrafts light fixtures and furniture out of eco-friendly materials. Some people might find what they do a bit extreme…glass shades made of recycled bottles? Fixtures made of recycled steel? Sure thing. Varaluz Lighting is continually developing new ways of using recycled, reclaimed, natural, and sustainable materials into their fixtures. There is a bit too much waste in the world, and upcycling yields some pretty darn cool results. Varaluz takes these responsible materials and craft fixtures the old-fashioned way with the very skilled hands of our artistic team in the Philippines.

Many of Varaluz shell fixtures require hundreds of hours of hand-labor to apply and polish the shell. Varaluz hand-lay in mosaics and natural fibers, one piece at a time. Take a close look at Varaluz fixtures. Each one is a showpiece of the texture, individuality, and time that comes with handcrafting.