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Casablanca Ceiling Fan - A passion for singularity that set a tone

He had a thing for antiques. Burton A. Burton, that is—the California entrepreneur whose personality was even more memorable than his name. Founder of the Casablanca Fan Company, Burton liked to take vintage fans apart and explore new ways to power them. That led to the very first Casablanca fan, which he introduced in 1974 as a belt-driven fan for commercial use. It wasn’t long, however, that the demand for residential ceiling fans skyrocketed. It was the mid-’70s energy crisis, and people needed a way to cool down without air conditioning. But Burton didn’t see fans as mere cooling devices. To him, they were furniture. His love of antiques showed in his fans, such as his use of brass finish, and Casablanca designs breathed new life into an industry that had been stale for decades. Burton’s unique perspective on the ceiling fan—that it was an essential element of home décor and much more than an appliance—was revolutionary at the time, but it set in place a belief system that we continue to champion at Casablanca today