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Baldi Home Jewels

Baldi Home Jewels

Baldi Home Jewels is an Italian family business combining sculpture with timeless artisan craft to create exclusive luxury items to brighten the home. Baldi Home Jewels have operated in Florence by the same family since 1867. Their workshop is famous for combining crystal with high-end metalwork. Their artisans also include jewels, stones, and other luxury materials in their distinctive décor pieces.

European décor calls for a selection of beautiful objects to complete the room. Venicasa will aid you in your search for the precise décor pieces that enhance your furniture and show your style.

Baldi Home Jewels' Boccadoro Home Couture Collection

Venicasa offers Baldi Home Jewels' Boccadoro Home Couture Collection to complement their luxury Italian furniture. This collection unites spirit and senses by bringing a contemporary approach to the design of art objects. BaldiStudio took inspiration from haute couture and the world of fashion. Traditional bronze finishes combine with new pearlescent crystal colors.

Baldi Home Jewels Vases

Geometric and classic, Baldi’s vases shine with an internal luminescence. A vase symbolizes welcoming and friendship creating a timeless cheer that welcomes you and your guests.

Baldi Home Jewels Centerpieces

Baldi Home Jewels centerpieces encompass bounty and opulence. These items of beauty draw people together around a table or create a focal point for a room.

Baldi Home Jewels Table lamps

BaldiStudios designs lamps that are sculptures. Light is directed downward from the shade illuminating a finely worked base that sends sparks around the room.

Baldi Home Jewels Candleholders

Candles are more than just light or atmosphere in luxury décor. They pick up and multiply every bit of gilt, marble, crystal, and polish in the room. These candleholders have sweeping lines and sophisticated details.